The Parallel Myth of Elements

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The Parallel Myth of Elements is a novel from Rasan Ram Prasad that delves deep into the mysterious and unknown world of the Alter-Earth. Follow four friends as they discover their true strength and power through the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Ether. Journey with them as they unlock the secrets of cosmic creation and learn how to use their newfound strength and power to save their world from destruction.


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Author: Rasana Ram Prasad


The parallel myth of elements is an innocuous creation from the nib of a sixteen-year-old prodigy’s heart. Elements are the basis of all cosmic creation. The elements Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Ether are gifts which flourish through the chosen ones. This book takes readers into the depths of the Alter-Earth where four friends strengthen their bond through a series of adventures which teaches them of their powers which resurfaced in them after a gap in their ancient inheritance. Their quest lead them to a world they never knew they belonged to. Their lineage leads them to an age-old problem which never left, and it was upto them to save everyone and the two worlds from the malice of an ally turned enemy. The worlds shook with tension as the four formulated the best strategy, without causing a supernova in the process.


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