The Fourth Pitch

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Title: The Fourth Pitch

Author: Sabita Sahu

Publisher: INKDEW

Language : English

Genre : Poetry

Embark on a poetic expedition with Sabita Sahu’s “The Fourth Pitch”, a riveting anthology that seamlessly interweaves the mundane with the sublime through 47 eloquent poems. Traversing themes of love, destiny, and societal norms, this anthology invites readers to delve into a realm of existential reflections and transcendental musings. Sahu’s poetic finesse offers a profound exploration into life’s diverse juxtapositions, making “The Fourth Pitch” a treasure trove of literary artistry. A must-have for poetry enthusiasts and those seeking a philosophical discourse amid the enchanting allure of contemporary poetry.

Author: Sabita Sahu


Delve into the enchanting anthology “The Fourth Pitch” by Sabita Sahu, a poetic exploration that orchestrates a melody of life’s complexities through profound contemplations and vibrant imagery. Originating from Brahmapur, Odisha, the author traverses a vast spectrum of experiences, masterfully interweaving the ordinary with the magnificent, and the intimate with the universal.

With a postgraduate degree in English Literature and an illustrious teaching career, Sabita Sahu showcases her literary acumen across 47 riveting poems. This anthology mirrors her prowess in navigating the diverse juxtapositions life presents, encapsulated within eloquent verses that echo with a profound resonance amidst readers.

“The Fourth Pitch” unveils a kaleidoscope of themes, navigating the realms of love, destiny, societal conventions to transcendental reflections. Through poignant poems like “A Cold Romance,” “Conflict,” “Gandhi,” and the powerful “What Do You Know What You Are For Me!” among others, Sahu embarks on an existential exploration marked by elegance and depth, engaging and enlightening readers along the way.

Each poem signifies a voyage, sometimes sauntering through the personal and domestic sphere, other times, ascending into the national and sublime realms. Even within the intimate ambit of personal reflections, Sahu reaches the zenith of existential introspection, often reflecting a spiritual nuance akin to the poetic practices of T.S. Eliot.

This anthology extends beyond a mere collection of poems, presenting itself as an odyssey of discovery and profound contemplation. It beckons readers to plunge into the human essence and existential ruminations, embodying a treasure of literary craftsmanship.

As you leaf through the pages of “The Fourth Pitch,” the ethereal allure and intellectual depth Sabita Sahu embeds within each verse will captivate your senses. This anthology is a gem for poetry aficionados and admirers of philosophical ponderings, offering a lavish spread of thought-provoking verses that are both captivating and enlightening.

Embark on a captivating literary sojourn with Sabita Sahu as she elucidates the essence of life and beyond through her mesmerizing verses in “The Fourth Pitch.” This anthology stands as a notable contribution to contemporary poetry, showcasing Sabita Sahu’s extensive literary finesse that resonates with hearts globally.

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299.00 Original price was: ₹ price is: ₹249.00.