Ebooks, audiobooks and premium articles (digital products) can not be cancelled or refunded once purchased. You can access them anytime under ‘my account’ as per the product specifications.

Only physical copies (eg paperback, hardcover, other items) can be cancelled of their order and refunded as per our store policy.

Cancellation Policy

You will have to log in to your https://inkdew.com account to cancel.

You can cancel your order within 4 hours of making the order.

Your order amount will be refunded after the cancellation request is processed.

All refunds will be credited to source from which the transaction has taken place.

Time taken to process cancellation request

It will take us 24 hours to process your cancellation request and initiate a refund. We will inform you via email.

In case of any refund delay after we have processed your cancellation, please get in touch with our customer support.

How to cancel your order online

Log in to your https://inkdew.com account.

Click on My Account and choose

My Orders from the Tab menu.

Click on view order button, It’s shows details of the order and click on the corresponding Cancel order button.

Refund Policy

How to make a refund request for delivered product

If you want a refund, email customer support at [email protected] or call +91 6371119094 within 24 hours of delivery.

You can make a refund request if:

Wrong product is delivered to you

Product gets damaged during transit

Product quantity delivered differs from quantity ordered

Replacement product can not be provided on request

Cancellation occurs after the time period of cancellation ie. 4 hours after the order.

You cannot make a refund request if:

Allotted time frame for requesting return elapses ( within 24 hours of delivery of product)

Any product part goes missing after delivery

Defect/damage in product is covered under warranty of manufacturer

Product is damaged due to misuse

There is no photographic evidence of the damage or wrong delivery

Cancellation has occurred after 4 hours of order.

Things to remember before making a refund request

Ensure the product is unused and in original condition

Include invoice, price tags, original packing, and freebies when returning the product

Include images of the product.

Time taken to process refund request

You have to send your original product within 48 hours from the day you make a refund request. We will bear the courier charge.

Refund will take place within 7 business days after your original product has been picked up from the delivery address.

For your cancelled order, refund will happen after the cancellation request is processed.