100 Days’ Action Plan for Stress Management

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The book “100-Day Action Plan for Stress Management” offers a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to reducing and managing stress over the course of 100 days. It incorporates lifestyle changes, mindset shifts, therapeutic techniques, and spiritual principles to target stress holistically. Each day introduces a new practice, from positive affirmations to diet upgrades to surrendering to God. Stories and poems are woven throughout to inspire and illuminate key lessons. The book provides an incremental roadmap to equipping readers with stress-management skills and cultivating inner peace.

Author: Sonal Maharana


Sonal Maharana’s “100-Day Action Plan for Stress Management” offers readers a comprehensive, incremental roadmap to gaining control over the stresses of daily life. This practical yet inspirational guide outlines small, daily steps anyone can take to curb anxiety and cultivate inner calmness. Maharana incorporates spiritual rituals like prayer and meditation with evidence-based strategies including reframing negative thoughts, therapeutic exercises, and targeted lifestyle changes. Each chapter introduces a new stress management technique, allowing readers to build lasting habits over 100 days. Woven throughout are motivational stories and poems that provide gentle encouragement to stay the course. While the book embraces spiritual principles, its emphasis on self-care makes it accessible even for secular audiences. This unique blend of timeless wisdom and modern wellness strategies promises to resonate with anyone seeking to transform their relationship with stress.

399.00 Original price was: ₹399.00.389.00Current price is: ₹389.00.