Sonal Maharana

Sonal Maharana

An author, blogger and YouTuber, she is a post-graduate in pharmacy by education and a writer at heart. She is also a trained Clinical Research Associate in the clinical research industry. She has worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator in some of the hospitals serving in the field of diabetes. She also has been the copyeditor in the company Scientific Publishing Pvt Ltd.
Recently, her debut poetry book ‘Gossiping with my emotions’ has gained amazing reviews from the dignities being the Amazon Rank one for several weeks on the chart

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Sonal Maharana, an esteemed Indian wordsmith born on the 19th of March, 1988, stands as a luminary figure—author, poet, and erstwhile YouTube luminary. Her inaugural poetic opus, 'Gossiping with my emotions,' unveiled in 2021, garnered resounding global acclaim and achieved extensive international distribution. The work not only secured manifold accolades, including the Writerfluence award and the Criticspace literary award but also clinched the coveted Ink Dew award in the best-seller category. Maharana's subsequent literary endeavor, '100 Days Action Plan for Stress Management,' unveiled in 2023, elicited a prodigious response from its inception.


Hailing from Cuttack, Odisha, and nurtured in the vibrant environs of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Maharana boasts proficiency in English, Hindi, and Gujarati. A distinguished alumna, she earned her Master's in Pharmacy from L.M. College of Pharmacy, Gujarat Technical University, following a stellar academic trajectory as a Bachelor in Pharmacy from K.B. Institute of Pharmacy, Gujarat University.

Genres and Literary Portfolio

Maharana's literary palette spans non-fiction, short stories, poetry, and encompasses themes of health and spirituality. The author's oeuvre includes the celebrated 'Gossiping with my emotions' and '100 Days Action Plan for Stress Management,' each a testament to her versatile storytelling prowess.  

Early Years and Education

  In her formative years within a traditional Hindu household, Maharana's father, a Deputy Manager at National Insurance Company Ltd., and her homemaker mother, fostered her strong ethical foundation. Despite her inherent ambition, she maintained a principled approach, excelling academically at Don Bosco English School. Proficiency in English compositions and essay writing manifested naturally, unbeknownst to her latent passion for writing. Embarking on an academic journey, Maharana graduated with first-class honors in Pharmacy from Gujarat University in 2010, later securing a postgraduate degree from Gujarat Technical University in 2012.  

Career Trajectory

  Navigating the tumultuous Pharma sector's recession, Maharana's career witnessed diverse trajectories—from Clinical Research Coordinator to Copy-editor at the Scientific Publishing Company Ltd. A dedicated hiatus followed as she prioritized raising her child. Resuming her professional journey, her evolving interest in writing burgeoned, with contributions to platforms such as Women's Web and Simultaneously, her spiritual inclinations deepened, influenced by personal experiences and her connection with the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University.  

Emergence as an Author

Maharana's online presence flourished on platforms like Quora, Medium, YouTube, and YourQuote, where she cultivated a substantial fan following. A guest speaker on the online talk show 'Dear Zindagi Life,' her transition to becoming an author materialized through a serendipitous encounter with a publisher. Recognizing her literary prowess, the publisher catalyzed Maharana's initiation into the realm of authors.  

Literary Works

In 'Gossiping with my emotions,' Maharana skillfully explores 40 emotions, including rare gems like Sonder, Zenosyne, Klexos, and Gnossienne, prompting readers to introspect on their emotional landscapes. Her subsequent offering, '100 Days Action Plan for Stress Management,' seamlessly melds non-fiction with fiction, inviting active reader participation in an earnest endeavor to alleviate the burdens of stress.
In summation, Sonal Maharana emerges not just as an author but as a literary artisan, sculpting narratives that resonate with the human experience, inviting readers to traverse the corridors of emotion, health, and spirituality.



Best Author Award from Writefluence

Award : Best Indian Author - 2021



In this insightful interview with THE INKDEW TIMES, Sonal Maharana, accomplished Indian author and poet, delves into the inspiration behind her latest book on stress management. Sharing personal struggles and triumphs, Sonal explains the unique blend of spiritual principles and practical strategies woven into her work. The interview unveils the distinctive features that set her book apart in the realm of self-help literature, catering to a broad audience dealing with stress-related challenges. Sonal's genuine advice encourages readers to embrace a comprehensive approach to stress relief, making this conversation a beacon of wisdom for anyone seeking inner peace.   THE INKDEW TIMES: Thanks for joining us today, Sonal. To start, what inspired you to write a book specifically about stress management? Sonal: I struggled a lot with stress and anxiety in my early adulthood and tried so many things to find relief with little success. I wanted to share what finally worked for me once I discovered the combination of therapeutic techniques, spiritual practices and lifestyle changes that made all the difference. This comprehensive approach can help anyone struggling with stress, not just those who share my faith background. THE INKDEW TIMES: Your book incorporates spiritual principles from various faiths. What role does spirituality play in your approach to stress relief? Sonal: I've found certain spiritual principles like living in the present moment, surrendering to a higher power, and self-reflection to be universally helpful for reducing stress, regardless of one's personal beliefs. But the book also includes plenty of practical, evidence-based stress relief strategies so those not interested in the spiritual angle can still benefit. THE INKDEW TIMES: What makes your book different than other self-help books out there? Sonal: Most stress management books focus on either therapeutic techniques or spiritual teachings, but rarely both. This book marries those approaches together. And the incremental day-by-day format supports readers in implementing lasting lifestyle changes versus just quick fixes. But what really makes it unique are the motivational stories and poems for inspiration along the journey. THE INKDEW TIMES: Who can benefit most from reading your book? Sonal: Honestly, we can all benefit from stress relief and self-care. But this book would especially resonate with those struggling with anxiety, depression, burnout, concentration issues, high blood pressure, headaches, or other stress-related symptoms. Whether you're a busy parent, a career professional, caregiver, student, or anyone seeking inner peace, you'll find daily guidance applicable to your life. THE INKDEW TIMES: What would you say to someone feeling skeptical about the book's approach? Sonal: Be open-minded and give it a try! Implement the daily guidance fully before deciding if it works for you or not. The changes are small but can add up to big results. Even incorporating one or two new stress management rituals or mindset shifts can make a difference. With an open heart, you might just surprise yourself.   THE INKDEW TIMES: Thanks for your insights, Sonal! Any parting advice?   Sonal: Stress relief is a journey. Don't get discouraged; just focus on progress over perfection. And remember that a calm mind is not the absence of stress but the ability to deal with it compassionately, one step at a time. Wishing everyone inner peace.