Rasana Ram Prasad

Rasana Ram Prasad

Rasana, a sixteen-year-old genius high school girl, exudes all the spark to become a wunderkind. Writing as a tyro for the first time, has been a unique experience for her as she has never shown the commitment required for a long term project. She is a dreamy person by nature and lives in a world which she creates in her head. Her mind is an interesting place for people who crave adventure and action, in the weirdest ways possible. She started writing when she was 14 years old, but then after writing four chapters, she gave up ‘cause she got bored. A year later, she started writing again and this time, she developed a whole storyline and got fully involved. Her characters and the world she created reflect her personality, the traits she has, the traits she wants to have, and the traits she finds to be really intriguing. In her world, the future would be of no concern and become more adventurous and exciting.

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  • New Delhi
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    The Parallel Myth of Elements


    The Parallel Myth of Elements is a novel from Rasan Ram Prasad that delves deep into the mysterious and unknown world of the Alter-Earth. Follow four friends as they discover their true strength and power through the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Ether. Journey with them as they unlock the secrets of cosmic creation and learn how to use their newfound strength and power to save their world from destruction.