Dr Kumud Bala

Dr Kumud Bala

Poet Dr. Kumud Bala, a lecturer by profession has been penning poetry for about 4 decades now. Writing has been her passion since childhood and her forte lies in poetry, stories, essays, research papers and more. Her works have been published in several newspapers, magazines and journals. With over 5000 poems to her credit, she participates regularly in kavi Sammelans organized at the National and International level. With a D. Litt award from Nagpur Jyotiba Phule University & Research centre, an honorary Sahitya Vibhooshan award from Late President Shankar Dayal Sharma, Saahitya Saagar samman at the World Book Fair 2017, New Delhi to her credit, She has stared three groups which are-Mahila Kavya Manch Andhra Pradesh,Kavya Kaumudi Chetna Hindi Manch,Kavya Kaumudi International Multilingual Poets Group which is associated with Telangana Sahitya Academy.There are regularly Poets Meet Program in every group.She is regularly sought for her work by leading publications ( https://inkdew.com)

  • Hyderabad, India
  • Female
  • 6