Debendra Kumar Raju

Debendra Kumar Raju

Debendra Kumar Raju, a luminary poet and lyricist from Kantaguda, Damanjodi, is renowned for “Samaj Darpan,” a trilingual masterpiece reflecting human complexities. Beyond his literary achievements, Raju is an environmental steward, symbolically planting saplings during life events. His devotion unfolds in 11 songs dedicated to Maa KantaBaushuni, streamed on YouTube. Awarded for his literary prowess, Raju’s impact resonates beyond words, shaping cultural evolution.

  • Poetry , Odia , Awareness
  • Damanjodi, Odisha
  • 27.05.1981
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Biography of Debendra Kumar Raju: A Lyrical Odyssey

Early Life and Education:

Debendra Kumar Raju, born on May 27, 1981, in the serene village of Kantaguda, Damanjodi, embarked on a journey marked by artistic brilliance and a profound connection with societal nuances. His educational odyssey commenced at Chinmay School, Damanjodi, where the foundations of his intellectual and creative pursuits were laid. The year 1986 witnessed the initiation of his primary education, and it was during his school days that young Debendra's inclination towards social consciousness and artistic expression began to unfold.

Career at National Aluminum Company:

As he stepped into the professional realm, Debendra Kumar Raju became an integral part of the National Aluminum Company, contributing his skills and commitment to the corporate landscape. His career path within this esteemed organization not only reflected his professional acumen but also hinted at the broader canvas of his ambitions.

Literary and Poetic Pursuits:

Debendra Kumar Raju's literary journey is a testament to his profound passion for language and societal reflection. The unfolding of "Samaj Darpan," a trilingual masterpiece in Odia, Hindi, and English, serves as a poetic chronicle of his insights into the intricate fabric of human experiences. The collection, consisting of 72 mini-poems, acts as a mirror reflecting the myriad hues of society, offering timeless lessons of morality and humanity. Raju's literary prowess has earned him accolades, including the Nabakalika Samman 2021 by Radhamohan Garnaik Literary Society, National Kabi Sourav Samman 2022 by Jatiya Kabi Lekhaka Sangathana Bhadrak, and the Saraswata Samman by Barsha Literary Union - Damanjodi. These honors not only celebrate his creative contributions but also acknowledge his role as a societal observer and contributor.

Environmental Stewardship:

Beyond the realms of literature, Debendra Kumar Raju's commitment to environmental sustainability stands as a defining aspect of his character. His symbolic act of planting saplings during significant life events, such as birthdays and marriage anniversaries, underscores his dedication to nurturing and preserving the natural world.

Musical Artistry:

Adding another layer to his artistic repertoire, Raju has ventured into the realm of music, particularly as a lyricist. His dedication to Maa KantaBaushuni Goddess is manifested in the 11 songs he has penned, each a musical ode to spiritual devotion. These soul-stirring compositions find their home on his dedicated YouTube channel, connecting listeners with the divine through the harmonious fusion of poetry and melody.

Recognition and Literary Extravaganza:

The grand unveiling of "Samaj Darpan" at the Akshara Book Fair in Bhubaneswar marked a significant chapter in Debendra Kumar Raju's literary journey. Notable figures in the literary landscape, including Chief Guest Dash Benhoor, Chief Speaker Bhabani Shankar Tripathy, and Guest Speaker Ajay Kumar Panda, acknowledged the profound impact of Raju's work, elevating the event to a literary extravaganza. INKDEW, a global publishing house, has been instrumental in bringing Debendra Kumar Raju's trilingual masterpiece to a wider audience. The book serves not only as a linguistic convergence but also as a symphony of wisdom, transcending linguistic confines to offer readers a multi-faceted perspective on societal nuances. Debendra Kumar Raju's life is a tapestry woven with threads of literature, environmental stewardship, and musical artistry. His journey continues to inspire, reminding us of the transformative power of words and melody to shape collective consciousness and contribute to the cultural evolution of society.    


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Debendra Kumar Raju has garnered acclaim and recognition through various prestigious awards, highlighting his outstanding contributions to literature and cultural enrichment. Some of the notable awards include:

Nabakalika Samman 2021:

Conferred by the Radhamohan Garnaik Literary Society, this award celebrates Raju's literary excellence and the impactful societal reflections embedded in his work.

National Kabi Sourav Samman 2022:

Presented by Jatiya Kabi Lekhaka Sangathana Bhadrak, this award acknowledges Raju's significant role as a poet and his valuable contributions to the literary landscape at a national level.

Saraswata Samman:

Bestowed upon him by Barsha Literary Union - Damanjodi, this award recognizes Raju's literary prowess and cultural contributions, emphasizing the depth and relevance of his work in the regional literary context. These awards not only attest to Debendra Kumar Raju's mastery in the literary domain but also affirm his commitment to societal awareness, cultural enrichment, and the promotion of linguistic diversity. Each accolade serves as a testament to the impact of his words and the resonance of his poetic narratives in the broader tapestry of global literature.  


The INKDEW Times Exclusive Interview with Debendra Kumar Raju: Unveiling the Artistry of Words    
The INKDEW Times:
Debendra Kumar Raju, it's truly an honor to have you with us today. Let's delve into your literary journey. Can you share with our readers a bit about your early life and how it influenced your path as a poet and lyricist?
Debendra Kumar Raju:
Thank you for having me. My early life, rooted in the serene village of Kantaguda, Damanjodi, served as the cradle of my inspiration. Growing up surrounded by the natural beauty of the region, I developed a deep connection with the environment. This connection became a recurring theme in my work, emphasizing the need for environmental consciousness.
The INKDEW Times:
Your school, Chinmay School, Damanjodi, holds significance in your life. How did your educational journey shape your perspective on literature and poetry?
Debendra Kumar Raju:
Chinmay School provided the nurturing grounds for my initial foray into education. It was here that I took my first steps into the world of literature. The school's atmosphere, combined with the guidance of my teachers, laid the foundation for my love of language. As I advanced in my studies, literature became a means of expressing my thoughts and observations about society.
The INKDEW Times:
"Samaj Darpan" is a remarkable trilingual collection. Could you shed light on the inspiration behind this literary endeavor and the significance of presenting it in multiple languages?
Debendra Kumar Raju:
"Samaj Darpan" is a reflection of my observations and contemplations on societal dynamics. Language, being a powerful tool, motivated me to present this collection in Odia, Hindi, and English. I believe that linguistic diversity enhances the reach of the message, making it accessible to a broader audience. This multilingual approach aims to bridge cultural gaps and foster cross-cultural understanding.
The INKDEW Times:
You're not only a poet but also a lyricist. Tell us more about your musical creations, especially the 11 songs dedicated to Maa KantaBaushuni Goddess.
Debendra Kumar Raju:
Music, for me, is an extension of poetic expression. The 11 songs dedicated to Maa KantaBaushuni Goddess are a spiritual offering, and each lyric is crafted with devotion. These songs are an exploration of divine themes and serve as a medium to connect with the divine and spread a message of spirituality and devotion.
The INKDEW Times:
Your commitment to environmental sustainability is noteworthy. How do you integrate this passion into your literary and lyrical creations?
Debendra Kumar Raju:
Environmental consciousness is integral to my identity. I advocate for sustainable practices in various aspects of life. In my literary and lyrical works, I often weave in themes that highlight the importance of environmental preservation. Planting saplings during significant life events is a symbolic gesture to contribute positively to the environment.
The INKDEW Times:
The awards you've received, such as the Nabakalika Samman 2021 and National Kabi Sourav Samman 2022, speak volumes about your contributions. How do these accolades influence your ongoing literary journey?
Debendra Kumar Raju:
Awards are not just personal milestones but affirmations of the impact of my work. They inspire me to continue using words as a tool for societal reflection and change. These accolades serve as reminders of the responsibility that comes with being a wordsmith—a responsibility to contribute meaningfully to the literary and cultural landscape.
The INKDEW Times:
"Samaj Darpan" was unveiled at the Akshara Book Fair. Could you share your experience of this literary extravaganza and the role of such events in promoting literature?
Debendra Kumar Raju:
The Akshara Book Fair was a grand platform where literature enthusiasts converged. It was an enriching experience to witness the unveiling of "Samaj Darpan" in the presence of esteemed guests. Such events play a crucial role in fostering a literary community, providing a space for authors and readers to connect, exchange ideas, and celebrate the diverse tapestry of literature.
The INKDEW Times:
What message or insight do you hope readers take away from "Samaj Darpan"?
Debendra Kumar Raju:
"Samaj Darpan" is more than a collection of poems; it's a mirror reflecting the intricacies of society. Through this work, I hope readers embark on a journey of introspection, gaining insights into the various facets of the human experience. The trilingual nature of the collection emphasises the universality of these reflections, transcending linguistic barriers.
The INKDEW Times:
Lastly, what can readers and enthusiasts look forward to in the future from Debendra Kumar Raju?
Debendra Kumar Raju:
The future holds more literary and lyrical explorations. I aspire to continue creating works that resonate with diverse audiences, contributing to the cultural and literary heritage. There are upcoming projects that delve into societal themes, and I look forward to sharing these with the world.
The INKDEW Times:
Thank you, Debendra Kumar Raju, for sharing your insights and artistic journey with us. We look forward to witnessing the continued brilliance of your literary endeavors. ---

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