Ahaan Mishra

Ahaan Mishra

I am a 7th grader in Army Public School, Noida. Food and writing are the two things closest to my heart. Well, I always had an interest in writing. It has been my hobby and I developed even more interest during the lockdown. Sitting idle at home I loved to pen something down and then gradually it became an important part of my life.
I aspire to be a writer one day!

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    anthology of poetry written by children. in english language , the book is edited by kumud bala. kumud bala is the founder of kavya kaumudi


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    Kaleidoscope is a collection of poems written by children from around the world, edited by Kumud Bala, the founder of Kavya Kaumudi. Featuring a wide range of themes and poetic forms, this anthology of children’s poetry will take readers on a journey through the eyes of the young. From the perspective of a child, readers will explore love, nature, friendship, family, and more through thought-provoking and heartwarming poems written in English. Each poem is unique and showcases the unique perspectives of the children who wrote them, while also sharing universal lessons that anyone can appreciate. This eye-opening anthology is sure to captivate and inspire readers of all ages.