Six Petal Poems


Six Petal Poems

“Six Petal Poems” is a captivating anthology that celebrates the beauty of concise poetic expression. Each six-line poem, limited to 60 words, explores themes like insightful notes to one’s younger self, open letters to God, reflections on regrets, dreams, intentional living, mindfulness, and magical possibilities. Featuring the winning works of Dr. Suryalaxmi Chellapilla, Sudha Dixit, and Kanisha Shah, along with contributions from 25 talented poets, this collection offers a rich and diverse tapestry of thought and emotion.

Rupa Rao, USA

“Six Petal Poems” was edited, compiled, and curated by the talented Rupa Rao. Her expertise and dedication have brought together a diverse collection of poetic voices, creating a beautiful anthology that celebrates the power of concise and evocative verse.

Honoring Excellence, Inspiring Participation

Congratulations to our exceptional winners, Dr. Suryalaxmi Chellapilla, Sudha Dixit, and Kanisha Shah! Your remarkable talent has illuminated our anthology. To all aspiring poets, let this be an inspiration—continue to share your unique voices and be part of our next poetic journey with INKDEW.

Dr. Suryalaxmi Chellapilla

captivates with her profound insights and eloquent expressions.

Sudha Dixit

enchants readers with her heartfelt and evocative verses.

Kanisha Shah

mesmerizes with her unique perspective and lyrical creativity.

Explore “Six Petal Poems” – A Blossoming Anthology

Dive into “Six Petal Poems,” our captivating flipbook anthology that celebrates the essence of human emotions and experiences. Edited and curated by the talented Rupa Rao, this collection features six-line poems that touch on themes like dreams, regrets, mindfulness, and more.

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