Urna Bose

Urna Bose

Urna Bose is an advertising professional, writer, poet, and editor. Her poetry has gone viral, globally. She won ‘The Enchanting Editor Award 2019’, from the Telangana Poetry Forum, and the ‘Women Empowered – Scintillating Creative Impactful – Feminine Power Inspiration Award 2020’. And recently, the prestigious Nissim International Prize for Poetry, 2021. As the Deputy Editor for Different Truths, she also devotes her time to the ‘Poet 2 Poet’ column. Urna’s body of work include clutter-breaking advertising campaigns, and iconic brand work. Urna’s campaigns have won both Indian and global creativity awards, and some are even industry case-studies. Urna believes that soulful poetry and gooey chocolate cake can fix everything.

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