Rupa Rao

Rupa Rao

Rupa Rao (MBA, LL.B.), on hiatus from corporate career welcomes “Rainbows in a Dewdrop” Poetry anthology as its Editor. She is published in multiple poetry anthologies, magazines, online literary groups. She also moderates for a few poetry groups. She’s passionate about nature walks, yoga, meaningful engagements, constant growth and learning.

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Rupa Rao is an accomplished writer, editor, and a beacon of inspiration, celebrated for her pivotal role as the Editor and Curator of the global anthology "Warrior in Everyday Woman." Launching this profound work on International Women's Day, March 8th, Rupa not only marks the day as a tribute to women worldwide but also celebrates her own birthday, embodying the essence of synchronicity and purpose. With a rich background that spans across holding an MBA and a Law degree, Rupa took a bold step in August 2022 to pause her corporate career and plunge into the literary world with full force. Her journey is one of continuous exploration and dedication to the craft of writing, contributing regularly to literary groups and bringing voices together through her role as a moderator in various online communities. Rupa's passion for poetry and storytelling is evident in her active participation in poetry meets, where she connects with fellow writers and readers alike. "Rainbows in a Dewdrop" stands as her maiden editorial venture, a heartfelt dedication to her late parents, Dr. JL Rao (Retd Lt Col) and Mrs. Nagaratnam, showcasing her deep-rooted values and the personal drive behind her work. 2024 unfolds as a year of new beginnings for Rupa, as she embraces new challenges, seeks to overcome fears, and ventures into uncharted territories with enthusiasm and courage. Beyond her professional accolades, Rupa's life is enriched by her personal experiences and relationships. She draws strength and inspiration from her family - her twins Moksh and Maya, her supportive partner Ram, and her sister Paru. Her commitment to self-care through yoga, long nature walks, and meaningful exchanges reflects her holistic approach to life. Rupa Rao stands as a testament to the warrior spirit in every woman, channeling her energies into creating platforms that celebrate resilience, love, and the myriad roles women play in the tapestry of life. Through "Warrior in Everyday Woman," she honors not only the visible achievers but also those in the shadows, affirming that every woman's story is worth telling.