Kaberi Mukharjee

Kaberi Mukharjee

An educator, a mom, an arduous reader and a day dreamer, Kaberi Mukherjee studied English literature and she holds a masters in Applied Psychology. Though originally from Kolkata, the City of Joy, presently she lives in Delhi. Many years of her life are spent in shifting from one city to another. Departing every time from friends, she distanced herself from real world, though one can find her in her verses. Poetry is not only the expression of her heart, a catharsis too. She wrote her first poem at the age of 15 which got a place in her school magazine. She has written many poems, won accolades from various online platforms. Her poems have adorned many anthologies like “Indian Summer In Verses”, “Lockdown Diaries”, “A Thousand Words”, “World Through Poetic Sensibility” “Postmodern Voices Vol. 2” and several others. Her poems have also been selected by International Websites like Global Poet and Poetry, Bharath Vision, Cultural Reverence and so on.

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