Dr. Hasinus Sultan

Dr. Hasinus Sultan

Dr. Hasinus Sultan is an Associate Professor and former Head of the Department of English, H. A. A. College, Assam, India. He is a bilingual poet, translator and reviewer, writing prolifically in Assamese and English. Dr. Sultan is the Chief Editor of Cross-Currents, an international peer-reviewed journal, and his seminal work Discursive Ruminations: Society, Culture and Literature (2012) records his insightful responses to the changing discourses in society, culture and literature. He was awarded Scholars’ Literary Translator Award in 2018 for his poetry volume in translation, The Golden Grain. He is also the recipient Ghana Bora Poetry & Literary Award (2019), Dilip Kumar Chakroborty Memory Poetry Award (2020), Kavyasashi Atar Ali Choudhury Memory Poetry Award (2020) and Uddipan Sanman (2021). Dr. Sultan is presently the President of Asam Kabi Chakra (Assam Poets’ Circle).

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