Asutosh Patro

Asutosh Patro

Ashutosh Patra is an eminent translator, poet, and author known for his ability to convey deep emotions and vivid imagery through his writings. Originally from Odisha, India, Patra is proficient in translating Telugu literature into multiple languages, including Bengali, Odia, Hindi, and English. His translated works, particularly in the collection “Kahani Ekatra Ekabinsha,” showcase the literary excellence of Telugu storytellers. Patra’s poetry collections, such as “Aarambh” and “Shoonyatar Shabda,” are acclaimed for their profound insights and universal appeal. His dedication to bridging linguistic gaps and bringing diverse literary traditions closer to readers has earned him respect in the literary community.

  • Poetry, Translation
  • rayagada, Odisha , India
  • 14 June 1970
  • Male
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Ashutosh Patra is a highly acclaimed translator, poet, and author renowned for his remarkable ability to convey profound emotions and vivid imagery through his literary works. Hailing from the culturally rich region of Odisha, India, Patra has distinguished himself as a masterful translator, especially noted for his translations of Telugu literature into various languages, including Bengali, Odia, Hindi, and English. His translation endeavors, prominently featured in the collection "Kahani Ekatra Ekabinsha," have garnered widespread recognition for their faithful preservation of the original stories' essence and literary excellence. In addition to his prowess in translation, Patra has established himself as an accomplished poet, with his works encompassing a diverse array of themes such as time, nature, human emotions, and philosophical contemplation. His poetry collections, including "Aarambh" and "Shoonyatar Shabda," have received high praise for their profound insights and universal appeal, captivating readers from various cultural backgrounds. Patra's commitment to promoting cross-cultural understanding and literary diversity is evident in his tireless efforts to bridge linguistic barriers and introduce readers worldwide to the rich tapestry of Indian literature. His passion for storytelling and poetry serves as a beacon of inspiration for both readers and aspiring writers, solidifying his reputation as a revered figure in the literary landscape.