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INKDEW offers three comprehensive publishing plans—Silver, Gold, and Diamond—tailored to meet authors’ diverse needs and aspirations. Each plan is designed to provide authors with the tools, resources, and support necessary to bring their literary works to life and successfully navigate the competitive world of publishing.

This registration ensures that the book is officially recognized and can be easily identified by booksellers and libraries. It’s a crucial step for the book to be available for sale and distribution.

Copyright protects the author’s intellectual property rights and provides legal recourse in case of infringement. It’s essential for authors to safeguard their creative work.

This feature allows authors to monitor and receive compensation for sales of their books over time. It’s important for authors to track their book’s performance and earnings.

Your book never goes out of stock  and also Get Royalty Lifetime.

Arts/Illustrations/Table: Visual elements like illustrations and tables can enhance the reader’s experience and understanding of the content. Offering unlimited options allows for more creative freedom.

Effective promotion and marketing are crucial for reaching a wider audience and generating interest in the book. This includes online and offline promotional activities.

Social media is a valuable platform for promoting books and engaging with readers. Regular posts can help build an author’s online presence and connect with their audience.

A book review is a critical evaluation of a literary work, providing insights, opinions, and recommendations to guide readers and promote meaningful discussions about literature.

Premium Services

Advanced Editing

Ensure your manuscript is polished to perfection.

Website/app development

Establish a professional online presence for your author brand.

Magazine Design

Make a lasting impression with a high-quality design.


: Reach a wider audience through popular podcast platforms.

Live Stream Interview

Engage with your readers in real-time through live interviews.


Publish in 500+ News Blogs around the world

Ready to curate an anthology that captures the essence of literary brilliance? INKDEW invites you to helm our next anthology of poems, stories, and essays. As the editor/compiler, you’ll be in charge of the entire publishing process – from collecting submissions to overseeing design and publication.

With a worldwide distribution network, your anthology will reach readers in almost every country. And here’s the exciting part – you’ll receive 100% royalty on profits, around 15% of MRP! Plus, our tech partner, Technodew, will arrange the online inauguration for free.

To get started, simply ensure that at least one copy per author is purchased from our store before going to print. Your anthology will be a testament to your editorial prowess and a celebration of literary talent worldwide.

Professional Recognition​

Editors and compilers can showcase their editorial skills and expertise, establishing themselves as leaders in the literary field.

Global Reach

INKDEW's worldwide distribution network ensures the anthology reaches readers across various countries, expanding its reach and impact.

Editorial Control

Editors and compilers have full control over the curation and publishing process, ensuring the anthology reflects their vision and standards.


Editors and contributing authors receive 100% royalties on profits, providing a financial incentive for their efforts and creativity.


There are no restrictions on the number of poems, stories, or essays that can be included in the anthology, allowing for creative freedom and diversity of content.


The physical book is produced with high-quality materials, including a 300 GSM cover, matte lamination, and off-white, 80 GSM inner pages, ensuring a premium product for readers.

Online Inauguration

INKDEW's tech partner, Technodew, arranges the online inauguration for free, providing a platform for the anthology to be launched and promoted to a wider audience.


The anthology becomes a lasting testament to the editor's and authors' talents, creating a legacy that can be cherished for years to come.


Most frequent questions and answers regardinmg anthology

  • ISBN, Copyright to Respective Author
  • Digital Publishing Certificate
  • Author Page on INKDEW
  • Cover: 300 GSM
  • Lamination: Matte
  • Inner Pages: Off-White, 80 GSM
  • No. of Pages + ₹250 ( convert it into $ for abroad, nearest integer is considered)
    eg. for a book of 100 pages price is 100 + 250 = 350 ₹ 
  • That is 5$ when rounded off to nearest integer.
  • Pricing is for Color Cover, B&W Interior, A5 Size
  • Contact for Other Specifications
  • 15% of MRP on Sale
  • Not Applicable for Author Copies ( royalty is for copies sold to readers)
  • Divided Equally Among Authors
  • Depends on the Compiler for other details
  • 15 Days from Last Date of Submission
  • Notification to All Authors

Printed Certificate:

    – A5 Size: ₹40 + Free Shipping

    – A4 Size: ₹100 + Shipping Fee

    – Frameless Certificate: ₹400 + Shipping Fee


  • India : 40 Rs
  • Abroad : 12 $

Editor can collect the submissions manually and submit to us 


We will create a form for submission of the articles and other details . Editor will get a dashboard to check and edit all the submissions.

for example check this form : 

Ink Your Own Adventures


Anthology from USA

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